The Rigby Campfire

The Rigby Campfire blog is an opportunity for like-minded Ladies and Gentlemen of Adventure to share their stories of hunting, travel and tales of derring-do from around the world.

No story, adventure or anecdote is better shared than around the campfire, gin and tonic in hand. Legends of ones that got away, near misses and memories from the field are the very things that bond us as an international community.

Rigby welcomes you to its campfire to read stories from some of the worlds most seasoned and interesting hunters, explorers and adventurers.


What’s it like to hunt with a vintage Rigby double rifle? By Martin Mirwald

Keen British firearms collector Martin Mirwald got to experience this when he took his Rigby double .450/.400Learn more

Q&A with John Rigby & Co.’s new US sales representative, Gary Duffey

Based in Texas, Gary Duffey was appointed by John Rigby & Co. in September 2018 to lookLearn more

Why buffalo hunter Graham Williams depends on his .416 Rigby

A mad keen buffalo hunter, Graham Williams has been very busy, as usual, during the dry seasonLearn more

Professional forester Lorentz Sæthern realises his dream of owning a Rigby

He was raised on a remote rural property in the deep boreal forest area between Norway andLearn more

Manufacturing the Rigby Highland Stalker

Last year John Rigby & Co. unveiled the highly anticipated Highland Stalker, a classically elegant stalking rifleLearn more

On the spoor of the spiral-horned kudu, by Simon K Barr

If I was going to take a shot at the kudu we’d been tracking all day, itLearn more

Cape buffalo by Simon K Barr

“When that first shot goes off, something or someone will die,” explained the good Doctor as ILearn more

Craig Boddington discusses the .275 Rigby: The perfect all round deer cartridge

In our latest Campfire blog, Craig Boddington, the globally-respected outdoor journalist shares his impressions of the .275Learn more

Gary Duffey examines vintage guns

Gary Duffey is a huge supporter of Rigby rifles and an avid collector of fine English andLearn more

Tracking lions with John Sharp

Based in Zimbabwe, Professional Hunter (PH) John Sharp applied for an apprenticeship for his professional hunter’s licenceLearn more