A fine blend of old and new

The inception of the Rigby Falling Block rifle stemmed from the creation of the innovative .416 No. 2 rimmed cartridge released in 2019, which smoothly transitioned Rigby from crafting the .416 No. 2 double rifle to envisioning a falling block iteration. This evolution enhanced Rigby’s modern hunting collection, blending the timeless charm of the original Farquharson design with the contemporary refinement seen in the Rigby/Farquharson model.

At the heart of this journey to the rifle’s return is actioner Mark Mitchell, whose extensive industry experience and affinity for Farquharson rifles intertwined seamlessly with Rigby’s vision.

Mark Mitchell, Rigby Falling Block actioner, added:
“The drawings and the designs that I used for inspiration were from a .500 Rigby Falling Block rifle. I changed it slightly and used modern manufacturing methods. I came up with the design we had but it’s got pretty much all of the features of the original, like the retracting striker.”

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