Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of Rigby in this week’s episode of The Big Game Hunting Podcast, where host of the show, John McAdams is joined by Marc Newton, managing director of John Rigby & Co.

In this week’s episode, Marc shares some fascinating insights into the rich history of Rigby, offering a glimpse into the stories and traditions that have shaped the company’s legacy as a top London gunmaker. Plus, learn more about Rigby’s latest rifle and shotgun offerings, crafted to meet the demands of seasoned hunters and aspiring adventurers alike.

But that’s not all, the episode delves into the Rigby Dagga Boy Award, set up by Rigby to celebrate responsible hunting practices and wildlife conservation, emphasising buffalo age over mere trophy measurements. Partnering with industry experts, including Dr. Kevin ‘Doctari’ Robertson and Professional Hunters, Robin Hurt, and Buzz Charlton, Rigby aims to recognise the pursuit of very old, past breeding age buffalo bulls, showcasing their commitment to ethical hunting and preservation.

Discover the rationale behind the award, what Rigby seeks to accomplish with the initiative and learn about the Rigby rifles that will be awarded as prizes to the deserving hunters who emerge victorious, when the winners are announced in January 2025.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary episode, available now on all major streaming services including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, and Amazon Music. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of adventure and the legacy of Rigby.

Tune in by clicking the image below.

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