In this month’s Campfire blog, we sit down with Liz Brodie of Tweed Media International to find out more about her background and her role in supporting Rigby with effective PR and marketing strategies. Join us as we delve into the dynamic relationship between Tweed Media and John Rigby & Co.

Could you share a bit about your personal background in shooting and hunting?

I grew up in Northern Ireland in a family passionate about country sports. My parents and both of my brothers are avid shooters and collectors, so it became an integral part of my upbringing. One of my earliest memories is from a safari trip to Zimbabwe when I was just four years old. While my parents were out hunting, I spent my time with my brother playing with the other children, and even learned my African animals in Shona before English.

From then on, our family holidays revolved around shooting trips, mainly to the Scottish Highlands where my dad would go deer stalking each summer, then goose shooting and roe deer stalking each winter. During our time in New Zealand when I was an early teen, hunting and fishing were favourite family activities. I enjoy all shooting sports, from game shooting to deer stalking, clay pigeon shooting to sporting rifle, but I really love target pistol.

Now, I’m married to a deer stalker and live in Scotland. Together we have two young daughters, aged three and one and I can’t wait to introduce them to the world of hunting.

How did you end up in your role at Tweed Media International?

Before my move to Scotland, I contributed to my local country sports magazine, Irish Country Sports and Country Life and helped out at their game fairs, where I conducted demonstrations on punt gunning and muzzle loading, as well as some commentary work and PR event support.

When I moved to Scotland, I took up a position in a gunroom and shooting ground, gaining hands-on experience in the industry. In 2017, when I noticed a vacancy at Tweed Media International, I felt it was an ideal fit, prompting me to apply.

Can you tell us a bit about your responsibilities in PR and marketing for Rigby?

I operate under the guidance of Simon Barr, Rigby’s marketing manager. While Simon focuses on overseeing the specialised projects, my role revolves around managing the day-to-day activities. This includes curating the content for social media, Campfire blogs, magazine features, newsletters, press releases, the website, as well as website management, ad creation, product launches and event management.

What interesting projects have you been involved in with Rigby over the years?

Shortly after joining Tweed Media, I had the privilege of being part of the launch of the Highland Stalker rifle. This was a remarkable experience as Rigby extended invitations to both their dealers and international press for a week at Blair Atholl estate in the Scottish Highlands. The objective was to introduce the new Highland Stalker rifle by immersing guests in the rich hunting tradition of red stags. The entire event was nothing short of spectacular – guests travelled from Rigby in London to the Highlands via sleeper train, enjoyed the challenging hunts on the hills, and relished the hospitality of Blair Castle while staying in beautiful lodges on the estate. It was a fantastic week that not only showcased the excellence of the Highland Stalker but also served as a great introduction to the Rigby brand and its team.

Since then, I’ve been involved in various launches, including the Rising Bite shotgun, launch of the new calibre the .416 No. 2, Rigby Art, the Falling Block rifle, and more recently, the new Shikari and Big Game Lightweight. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve played a small part in these milestones.

On a personal note, any hunting trips in your future plans?

Since having my daughters it’s not been as easy to take time off to go hunting. However, my husband and I have just returned from a hunting trip on a beautiful sporting estate in Sutherland in the north of Scotland, where we were hunting red hinds. It was a tough hunt battling the elements, with wind, rain, sleet and snow, but we were both awarded some success.

What is it that you love about working for Rigby?

I love the team; they bring positivity and passion to everything they do. Rigby’s diverse offerings, from gunmaking and the Rigby Academy to Rigby Art and the Shikar Store, provide constant variety in my day-to-day work. The team’s creativity ensures there are always new and fun ideas to explore and being part of a company with a rich past and roots in Ireland add extra significance.

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