Based in Texas, Gary Duffey was appointed by John Rigby & Co. in September 2018 to look after the London gunmaker’s American dealers and customers. He is now the main point of contact in the US for Rigby’s full range of products and also serves as a liaison to our staff in London. An avid whitetail and small game hunter, Gary is an experienced shooter across many disciplines including action pistol, shotgun sports and both service rifle and match rifle at national level in the US. Here we find out more about Rigby’s new US sales representative.

Can you explain what your new role at Rigby involves?

I directly support Rigby’s US dealer network and customers. I am also the direct contact for the full range of London Best and all other guns, rifles and products on offer. A prime focus in my new role is assisting our dealers and customers on Highland Stalker and Big Game sales, orders and upgrades as well as all facets of London Best consultation and configuration of orders. Serving as a liaison to the London staff is also a key part of my role. It’s an exciting varied role that involves one of my passions in life. I’m enjoying it immensely.

Do you consider this to be a career change?

It is in a way, but guns have always been a part of my life recreationally. I began my working career in the paper manufacturing business and after 17 years returned to college to gain a Masters of Finance degree. Over the next 15 years I built a private practice as a financial adviser. More recently I have served as part of the executive staff of a large family business. My experience is varied and I am always up for a new challenge.

How long have you been interested in shooting?

For as long as I can remember. My family were small game and whitetail hunters and that exposure certainly stimulated my interest in hunting and guns. I have been fascinated with all manner of guns, hunting, and their associated history, since as far back as my memory can take me. Adventurers and hunters from James L. Clark, Jim Corbett, W.D.M Bell, Russell Annabel and many others have always captivated my imagination and that has not changed today. Like most, I started out with a BB gun, then moved on to a pellet gun and then a .22 rimfire before I started shooting with a small single barrel 20 bore shotgun.

How competitive have you been during your shooting career?

I have participated across many shooting disciplines, including action pistol, shotgun sports, and both Service Rifle and Match Rifle at the national level in the US. I qualified for the US National IPSC Championships, the Masters Invitational Tournament and Camp Perry National Matches for a number of years but always returned to my study and collecting of guns and hunting.

What fascinated you most about guns?

I have an eclectic gun collection covering all types of guns and rifles, most of which are made pre-war and all of which possess the DNA of traditional materials and format. Most of my sporting rifle collection was made by the pre-war US makers and are built on the Springfield 1903 and Mauser 98 actions. I do have a small collection of Scottish and English shotgun makes. I also enjoy a wide variety of handguns. We are fortunate in the US to have preserved these rights to enjoy the safe and responsible ownership of our firearms. I have been a hand loader since a teenager.

How much hunting have you done?

I am a whitetail and small game hunter but also have hunted in the western United States and Africa. I am most recently training two young English pointers, Bond and Ranger, and my plan is to chase Bobwhite quail in west Texas and woodcock in northwest Louisiana. Over the last two years I have been rewarded with a very nice 6×6 bull elk in the mountains of northern New Mexico.

What do you hope to bring to the new role?

It is an honour to represent such an iconic brand as John Rigby & Co. in the United States. I have a passion to educate as many individuals as possible as to the richness that approaching hunting in a traditional manner and with traditional guns and rifles provides. This develops an appreciation and I believe instills a desire to preserve outdoor sports and develops a consciousness of conservation. I think we can pursue this adventure with Rigby rifles just as those who did in the first half of the 20th century. Helping others fulfill their own dreams and passions to the fullest extent possible is my primary focus. Our customers in the US, like everywhere else, deserve no less than the best guns and service that we can provide, and I will always be available to serve them.

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  1. Gary its just reassuring to know we have a Texan on our side! Ha!

    God bless and thank you already for great service!

    Looking forward to receiving my Stalker from Jerry with the Aimpoint!

  2. Congrats on the very nice bull elk Gary. I am sure John Rigby will derive great benefits from their professional association with you in the U.S. Hope to see you at DSC!

  3. Mr. Duffy,
    Congratulations on your new adventure Gary!!! You will be great at Rigby, a fine British Best Builder, with a fine Gentleman working here in the US. Be well and God Speed!!

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