At the beginning of May, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. arranged and hosted a visit to Britain by high-profile American politician and hunter Donald Trump Jr. The unique five-day trip served as a significant milestone for Rigby and functioned as a platform for the British gun trade to showcase its wares to the most influential hunter in the US.

The primary purpose of Rigby hosting the eldest son of the 45th president at its headquarters in south London and at The London Proof House was to showcase the rich heritage, craftsmanship and innovation embodied by Rigby and the wider British trade.

The visit undoubtedly enhanced Rigby’s visibility within the world of Best gunmaking. Trump Jr.’s future association with the brand, coupled with his extensive media reach, profile, and influence within the hunting community, provided substantial exposure opportunities for Rigby. This visit is yet another example of Rigby’s progressive approach to marketing and PR, and positions the gunmaker favourably in the US, a key marketplace for all British gunmakers.

With a forthcoming collaboration between Rigby and Trump Jr.’s lifestyle, hunting and outdoor brand, Field Ethos underway, this future partnership underlines Rigby’s strategic approach to communications, promising to integrate Rigby’s craftsmanship and heritage into the international hunting community and work with brands that resonate with its core values.

Rigby managing director, Marc Newton, commented: “Hosting Donald Trump Jr. was nothing short of a complete privilege. America represents one of the biggest markets for British gunmakers so having this opportunity to spend such an intense few days with the most influential person in the US hunting industry was priceless. Rigby and Field Ethos share a passion for authenticity and our brands are aligned on so many levels. Watch this space for further announcements about how we are working together.”

During the trip, several aspects of Rigby’s craftsmanship, heritage, and innovation were highlighted. The tour included a hands-on experience in the Rigby showroom and factory, where Trump Jr. participated in building a .416 Rigby Big Game rifle that he will use on a forthcoming hunt in Africa. This interactive session underscored the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that define the production of Rigby guns. Additionally, a visit to The London Proof House promoted the exacting safety standards adhered to in the UK, with Trump Jr.’s rifle passing proof and obtaining a London proof mark. The trip rounded off on the range at West London Shooting School to regulate the rifle in preparation for its use in the field.

Throughout the visit, elements of British craftsmanship that have been passed down over many generations were emphasised. These included many hand-based skills and techniques, working with wood and metal, and the rigorous testing processes that ensure the highest standards of quality. The heritage and tradition of British gunmaking were continually celebrated, showing the influence and expertise great brands like John Rigby & Co. bring to the global industry.

Prior to departing London for a roebuck hunt in the English countryside, John Rigby & Co. hosted a one-of-a-kind lunch at The London Proof House to introduce Trump Jr., as guest of honour, to senior representatives from the British gun trade. The attendees included key figures from The Worshipful Company of Gunmakers, Purdey, Holland & Holland, Boss, Westley Richards and The Gunmakers’ Company Charitable Trust. This remarkable event not only highlighted Rigby’s pivotal role in the industry, but also significantly bolstered the international recognition of the UK gun trade as a whole, showcasing Great Britain as a global hub of excellence in gunmaking.

As a grand finale, Marc Newton guided Donald Trump Jr. on a roebuck hunt in Oxfordshire, where Donald got the opportunity to stalk with a Rigby rifle. Following the hunt, the duo sat down to recap on the experience, expressing their views on hunting and conservation, in a conversation that was recorded for the Rigby Campfire Podcast. To listen to the Campfire podcast, tune in today by following this link.

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  1. I feel positive that Don Trump Jr was overawed with the Rigby heritage and the stunning quality of workmanship that is evident in every rifle produced by John Rigby & Co.

  2. Great Podcast. Great Story. From all of them, I think this was the best for me.
    Thank you !

    Will you plan a Podcast with Mike Robinson.
    All the best from Germany

    1. Thank you Frank, we’re glad to hear you enjoyed it and will certainly take your suggestion onboard.

  3. It’s great to see this, Don is a true conservationist. I look forward to the Field Ethos collaboration with Rigby.

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