The Rigby Campfire

The Rigby Campfire blog is an opportunity for like-minded Ladies and Gentlemen of Adventure to share their stories of hunting, travel and tales of derring-do from around the world.

No story, adventure or anecdote is better shared than around the campfire, gin and tonic in hand. Legends of the ones that got away, near misses and memories from the field are the very things that bond us as an international community.

Rigby welcomes you to its campfire to read stories from some of the world’s most seasoned and interesting hunters, explorers and adventurers.


Interview with Professional Hunter, Buzz Charlton

Professional Hunter (PH), Buzz Charlton of Charlton McCallum Safaris shares his journey into the world of huntingLearn more

Rigby Dagga Boy letter to Professional Hunters

Professional Hunters, we would like to invite your participation and support for the Rigby Dagga Boy Award.

Scraping the Barrel Book by Diggory Hadoke

A new gun comes into your collection. You are excited, intrigued to discover how old it is,Learn more

The Talla Des Man-eater resurfaces by Diggory Hadoke

Born as a child of the Raj to Anglo-Irish stock of modest means, Jim Corbett had freeLearn more

Restoring the Rigby Ledgers

Here at Pensbury Place, we have a large number of Rigby’s historical records, transactions and accounts, someLearn more

Cap off a great adventure with Rigby

In the heart of every hunter lies a story. Tales of triumph, camaraderie, and those that gotLearn more

Rigby’s oldest book by Diggory Hadoke

When John Rigby & Co. was repatriated to London from the United States, along with the name,Learn more

A Rigby rendezvous with Gary Duffey

We sit down with Gary Duffey, Rigby’s US Sales Representative to delve into his recent activities, projects,Learn more

Charting a decade: Meet Rigby’s financial director, Tsega Yehedego

Meet Tsega Yehedego, Rigby’s financial director and one of our longest-serving members of staff. Tsega joined theLearn more

Tune into The Big Game Hunting Podcast, with Rigby MD Marc Newton

Embark on a captivating journey into the heart of Rigby in this week’s episode of The BigLearn more

Marc Newton reflects on Rigby’s presence at DSC 2024

We catch up with Marc Newton, MD of Rigby for this month’s Campfire blog to discuss theLearn more

A chat with Liz Brodie of Tweed Media, PR and marketing agency for Rigby

In this month’s Campfire blog, we sit down with Liz Brodie of Tweed Media International to findLearn more

Rigby Rising Bite cocktail: A sip of adventure

For those who relish a drink with a twist, our new Rigby Rising Bite cocktail is aLearn more

Multi Barrel Rigby by Diggory Hadoke

An ancient oil painting sits above the fireplace in our dining room. The subject is a manLearn more

Welcoming Steve Bignell to the Rigby team

London was full of festive cheer and the Rigby team were looking forward to their annual ChristmasLearn more

The Rigby .416 – a proper buffalo rifle

For the latest edition of the Rigby Campfire blog, we chatted to Buzz Nady, an Iowa nativeLearn more

From workshop apprentice to production manager: Jamie Holland’s fascinating journey at Rigby

In this month’s blog, we explore the impressive career path of Jamie Holland, who started his workingLearn more

Rigby appoints new engraver Max Ellaway

As the nights draw in and we prepare for winter to arrive in London, the Rigby workshopLearn more

Meet Rigby’s new head of compliance, Steven ‘Monty’ Monteith

With a chill in the morning air and the evenings drawing in, we took an autumnal opportunityLearn more

Rigby supports World Rhino Day and Habitat for Rhino project

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. proudly stands as aLearn more

Tim Hill joins Rigby as head of UK sales

John Rigby & Co. is delighted to announce the appointment of Tim Hill as the head ofLearn more

Meet Dave Moshy, Rigby’s new VIP account manager

This month we headed into Pensbury Place to catch up with one of Rigby’s newer members ofLearn more

Steve McGrade wins .416 Rigby with African Hunting Gazette

For one Texas native and passionate hunter, the decision to upgrade to a lifetime subscription of AfricanLearn more

Rigby from a PH’s perspective

Our latest campfire blog comes from John Sharp, a Zimbabwe-based Professional Hunter who, like many of hisLearn more

Olly Williams 9.3 Rigby ‘Alaska’ rifle review

As we approach the third anniversary of the UK and most of the world closing borders andLearn more

Checking in with Rigby legend, Paul Roberts

This month we caught up with gunmaker and hunter Paul Roberts to delve into his hunting adventuresLearn more

Simon K. Barr hunts a gold medal roebuck

A week of Sussex summer solitude and a gold medal buck for Simon K. Barr The firstLearn more

New year catch-up with Rigby MD Marc Newton

For the first Campfire blog of the new year, we caught up with Rigby’s CEO Marc NewtonLearn more

Snipe Shooting in Devon

British sporting journalist Simon Barr is in the remote Tamar Valley in Devon with Rigby managing directorLearn more

Latest from the Rigby Workshop

With the streets of London awash from the seemingly endless rain, we headed indoors to the RigbyLearn more

The MacNab

After 10 years of efforts, British sporting journalist, Simon K. Barr heads to Thurso to successfully completeLearn more

Rigby supports World Rhino Day and Habitat for Rhino project

To support World Rhino Day 2022 and the Habitat for Rhino project, John Rigby & Co. hasLearn more

The latest from the Rigby Workshop

As autumn’s chill and the ever shorter days slowly turn the leaves to burnished golds, russets andLearn more

Uganda: In Bell’s Footsteps

British sporting journalist, Simon K. Barr heads to Karamoja, a north eastern region of Uganda in pursuitLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

For this month’s Campfire blog, we chatted to legendary engraver James Kulczyk about his fascinating career toLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

For this month’s Rigby Campfire blog, we spoke to Paul Roberts, a man who has been instrumentalLearn more

Red hind stalking on Taransay

British sporting journalist, Selena Barr heads to the Scottish Isle of Taransay in pursuit of red hindsLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

As sweltering summer temperatures turned London into a sauna, we retreated into the cool and calm ofLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

This month we spoke to Gary Duffey, Rigby’s US representative, to find out more about his background,Learn more

Marc Newton discusses game meat

In an interview with Talking Game journal, a cookbook designed to encourage all, especially those within theLearn more

Tom Shaffer’s Rigby trio vlog

Following Tom Shaffer’s triple Rigby safari blog, Tom takes a moment out of his packed hunting tripLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

As summertime in London approaches, we catch up with Rigby gunmaker Loick Desmanet to learn more aboutLearn more

A polar safari by Simon K. Barr

Hunting with the native Inuit people of Greenland Since learning about them in the hallowed pages ofLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

We are pleased to share some wonderful news in the April edition of the Rigby Campfire blogLearn more

Not a day at the races by Martin Mirwald

Not a day at the races, but two equally exciting days at the Rigby Workshop and theLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Spring has arrived in London with the usual mix of rain showers and sunshine, but we’re goingLearn more

The history of Rigby

In this blog, we will be bringing you the fascinating tale of how the famous British gunmakerLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

As February draws to a close, we catch up with managing director Marc Newton to find outLearn more

A Cape buffalo hunt, by Franklin D. Cean

The winners of the inaugural Rigby Dagga Boy Award. From left to right: Hunter Frank Cean andLearn more

Tom Shaffer triple Rigby safari

Any expedition that involves a trio of Rigbys is odds-on to be exciting; add a charging buffaloLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

To kick off 2022, we chat to Head of Production, Ed Workman, about his route to Rigby,Learn more

Scott Perkins Big Game .416 Rigby review

At the tender age of 12, having poured over the many hair-raising hunting stories of Africa foundLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Head of International Sales, Jérôme Lanoue, gives us the latest news from Rigby in Europe. A memberLearn more

Rigby takes the Corbett rifle back to India by Simon K. Barr

The bold decision to take Corbett’s now priceless rifle back to his home in India’s Uttarkhand province,Learn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Tamás Szarka takes time out from a hectic schedule to give us November’s update from the RigbyLearn more

Hunting on hallowed ground by Marc Newton

  Taking a trip down memory lane, read on to find out Marc Newton’s chance of aLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

For this October’s insider view of Pensbury Place, we get chatting to one of the newer membersLearn more

A vintage flight for doves by Simon K. Barr

Simon K. Barr joins Marc Newton of John Rigby & Co. on a mission to use onlyLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

As summer comes to a close here, we’re looking ahead to autumn. If you could take anyLearn more

Rigby .350 takedown – One for the ages

By Gary Duffey, Rigby’s US Sales Representative In keeping with our grand tradition, every gun and rifleLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Last month saw Rigby back at The Game Fair. What were the show highlights? It was fabulousLearn more

Buying a Rigby Best gun by Diggory Hadoke

The idea of a Best gun is peculiarly British. It does not refer to the most garishlyLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Do the Rigby gunmakers have favourite rifles to work on? This is something we often get talkingLearn more

Putting my heart into art

We catch up with Rigby engraver and talented artist, Geoffrey Lignon to discuss what’s new in theLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

What are your favourite pieces on the bench this month? The 28-bore shotguns, which are being engravedLearn more

Rigby’s .350 Magnum: A trip down memory lane, 1963 by Robin Hurt

I was brought up on my parents’ ranch at Naivasha in Kenya on the lake’s shore whichLearn more

A Rigby fit for Mi Reina (my Queen) by Larry Leadingham

While at the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) annual convention in 2013 my wife Clara and I hadLearn more

Two legends forever linked: Corbett and Rigby

Harnihal Singh is a keen outdoorsman, firearm enthusiast and writer, who recently wrote a book about theLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Rigby is planning to host valuation days with Holts auctioneers once Covid restrictions are lifted. What doLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Are you looking forward to welcoming clients back into the showroom? How can people get in touchLearn more

Regulating a double rifle by Diggory Hadoke

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the best means of getting a rifle with one barrelLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

What’s new or of note in the workshop this month?  The first falling block has just passedLearn more

The Essence of Perfection – an old Rigby in Alaska

A 120-year-old Rigby has recently resurfaced in the Alaskan wilderness and is looking forward to some spectacularLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

It takes more than a pandemic to stop production, what are the most eye-catching items on theLearn more

Robin Hurt visits Uganda’s Pian Upe Game Reserve

In April 2019, my younger son Roger and I were kindly invited to Karamoja in Uganda byLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

  New year, new lockdown: how can Rigby followers get their fix during this latest shutdown? CommunicatingLearn more

The Beauty and the Beast by Khalid bin Rashid Al-Khalifa

It all began in the summer of 2018 when I finally approached Rigby and began the journeyLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

There is some eye-catching engraving on some of the rifles coming through at the moment. What areLearn more

Michael Agel in the Alps

The Alps provide some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in Europe. Hunting here is an amazing visualLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

It goes without saying that England going back into lockdown on 2 November was less than ideal,Learn more

An interview with Jérôme Lanoue, Rigby international sales

With over 23 years’ experience in the French gun trade, Jérôme Lanoue has recently joined the internationalLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Marc, now that the showroom has reopened, how does it feel to be able to welcome clientsLearn more

Chris Rogers stalks Scottish red stags

A passionate hunter and conservationist, Rigby adventurer Chris Rogers is the deer manager on the 10,500-acre EustonLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

What has been happening at Pensbury Place over the past month? Is a sense of normality returning?Learn more

Classic calibres and chamberings for sporting rifles by Diggory Hadoke

Rigby has developed numerous cartridges over the years. In this blog Diggory Hadoke delves into why theseLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

We’re still living in strange times, but some elements of normality have returned and it’s good toLearn more

Rigby’s new Rising Bite shotgun by Diggory Hadoke

Diggory Hadoke examines the re-emergence of Rigby’s classic shotgun in modern guise. When you buy a newLearn more

Edward Barrington hunts wild boar in Germany

Edward Barrington’s hunt for wild boar in Germany, with his Rigby .375H&H Big Game rifle, which leadsLearn more

Rigby apprenticeship and the future of gunmaking

In 2019 a group of gunmakers went for a drink in The Gunmakers’ pub in London’s Clerkenwell.Learn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Marc, since we last spoke to you, things have massively changed in the Rigby workshop in lightLearn more

Hunting Norwegian red deer

Rigby dealer, Ole Arnt Kinde of Best Guns Norway, is no stranger to hunting his country’s elusiveLearn more

“Indeed, it’s a small world!” by Martin Mirwald

With these words started a letter I received from Norwegian hunter and outdoorsman Morten Hylland-Lunde, after heLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Europe’s biggest hunting and shooting trade fair, IWA Outdoor Classics, was meant to happen this month inLearn more

Rigby Experience at West London Shooting School

Rigby recently brought a splash of safari spirit and some of its renowned rifles to one ofLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

The show circuit is still in full swing, where has the Rigby team been in January andLearn more

Rigby’s US representative Gary Duffey hunts elk in New Mexico

As the 2018 New Mexico elk rifle season approached, my preparation began. I had made this sameLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

It’s show season, tell us where you’ve been so far. We’ve just got back from Dallas SafariLearn more

Teenager blown away by Highland Stalker birthday gift on his first African safari

When Suffolk teenager Joe Carter was on his way to London with his parents to celebrate hisLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

What have been Rigby’s gunmaking highlights of 2019? There have been several! It’s such a pleasure toLearn more

Chris Rogers hunts Beceite ibex in Spain with Highland Stalker rifle

There’s nothing like getting away for a winter break to the sun, but when I said toLearn more

Edward Barrington takes his new Rigby Big Game rifle to Namibia

In this introductory blog, Edward Barrington takes his newly acquired Rigby Big Game rifle in .375H&H toLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

Marc, what’s keeping the workbenches busy at the moment? We’re due to finish more than 20 BestLearn more

Robert Donaldson takes his new Highland Stalker to Africa

Robert Donaldson, a pilot from Texas recalls his first experience of taking his new Rigby Highland StalkerLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

What’s the latest news from the workshop benches? A real highlight in the past month was completingLearn more

Meet Maria Gil, John Rigby & Co.’s export manager

In this month’s Campfire blog, we catch up with Maria Gil, Rigby’s export manager, who joined theLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

What’s been happening inside the doors of the Rigby workshop this month? We are in the finalLearn more

New Rigby ammo put to the test on South African safari

Experienced hunter Jeremy Preston from south west England was one of the first customers to buy Rigby’sLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

It’s abuzz in the Rigby showroom as we catch up with Marc Newton, the company’s managing directorLearn more

Red stag stalking in Sutherland with Rigby’s Highland Stalker, by Liz Brodie

For the hard-core and uncompromising stalkers willing to travel the extra mile, the county of Sutherland, inLearn more

Stephen Wood talks about the creation of the new Rigby Ammunition Boards

  It’s all about keeping the integrity of the materials, ensuring the design fits the piece and not takingLearn more

The latest from the Rigby workshop

New to the Rigby Campfire blog, each month we’ll be catching up with the company’s managing director,Learn more

Rigby sponsors The Fred Taylor Memorial for Working Hill Ponies

John Rigby & Co. is delighted to once again sponsor the annual Fred Taylor Memorial for WorkingLearn more

Chris Rogers hunts spring roe bucks at Euston Estate

The county of Suffolk, based in East Anglia is notarised for its distinct lack of hills, itsLearn more

Charles Spencer’s week of work experience with John Rigby & Co.

At the end of March, Charles Spencer, a keen deerstalker and game shooter from London, joined theLearn more

Rajat Singh Shekhawat’s 22,000km trip from India to Rigby HQ in London

Rigby rifles were always part of the family when Rajat Singh Shekhawat was growing up in theLearn more

Meet Thomas Ernst, one of Rigby’s first customers to acquire a Highland Stalker

Thomas Ernst, 55, has been hunting for nearly 40 years, receiving his hunting licence in Germany backLearn more

What’s it like to hunt with a vintage Rigby double rifle? By Martin Mirwald

Keen British firearms collector Martin Mirwald got to experience this when he took his Rigby double .450/.400Learn more

Q&A with John Rigby & Co.’s new US sales representative, Gary Duffey

Based in Texas, Gary Duffey was appointed by John Rigby & Co. in September 2018 to lookLearn more

Why buffalo hunter Graham Williams depends on his .416 Rigby

A mad keen buffalo hunter, Graham Williams has been very busy, as usual, during the dry seasonLearn more

Professional forester Lorentz Sæthern realises his dream of owning a Rigby

He was raised on a remote rural property in the deep boreal forest area between Norway andLearn more

Marc Newton talks about manufacturing the Rigby Highland Stalker

Last year John Rigby & Co. unveiled the highly anticipated Highland Stalker, a classically elegant stalking rifleLearn more

On the spoor of the spiral-horned kudu, by Simon K Barr

If I was going to take a shot at the kudu we’d been tracking all day, itLearn more

Simon K Barr hunts Cape buffalo with Kevin ‘Doctari’ Robertson

“When that first shot goes off, something or someone will die,” explained the good Doctor as ILearn more

Craig Boddington discusses the .275 Rigby: The perfect deer cartridge

In our latest Campfire blog, Craig Boddington, the globally-respected outdoor journalist shares his impressions of the .275Learn more

Rigby’s US representative Gary Duffey examines vintage guns

Gary Duffey is a huge supporter of Rigby rifles and an avid collector of fine English andLearn more

Tracking lions with Rigby Adventurer John Sharp

Based in Zimbabwe, Professional Hunter (PH) John Sharp applied for an apprenticeship for his professional hunter’s licenceLearn more

The “Mac Euston” with Rigby Adventurer Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers is the deer manager on the 10,500-acre Euston Estate in Suffolk. He is responsible forLearn more

20 years in the British gun trade… and counting! Says Andrew Ambrose

At the start of November 2017, John Rigby & Co. appointed Andrew Ambrose as their new headLearn more

Joe Gray Taylor, Jr. hunts whitetail in Texas Hill Country

Joe Taylor is a retired U.S. Army Major General and Defence Sector Executive. He has hunted onLearn more

American fine gun collector Gary Duffey examines hunting traditions

Gary Duffey is a huge supporter of Rigby rifles and an avid collector of fine English andLearn more

Q&A with Rigby adventurer Chris Rogers of Euston Estate

As the deer manager on the 10,500-acre Euston Estate in Suffolk, Chris Rogers is a passionate andLearn more