Following Tom Shaffer’s triple Rigby safari blog, Tom takes a moment out of his packed hunting trip in South Africa’s Eastern Cape to introduce us to each of his three Rigby rifles.

The first is a .470 NE double, built by Rigby back in 1925. It was gifted to Tom by his mother after a visit to Paul Roberts, the owner of Rigby back in 1996.

His second gun is a .416 Big Game which Tom purchased from LeArms, the Rigby dealer in Minden, Nevada and is now enjoying its second safari. Tom has just taken a Cape buffalo and red lechwe with it, saying that it performed so well in dangerous situations.

While the third is the newest Rigby in his collection; a custom-built .275 Rigby London Best which he took delivery of last August and is enjoying its first African adventure. After sighting it in with reloads, Tom could cover a five-shot group with a quarter, so was very impressed with its accuracy.

To learn more about each of Tom’s Rigby rifles, tune into the video below and watch how well they performed in those dangerous game situations…

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