Welcome to Rigby Art, an area where our talented in-house engravers can showcase their incredible artistic skills outside the world of gun engraving.

Here you will find sculptures, drawings, lithographic prints and carvings all created with Rigby’s history and hunting in mind, designed to ignite the flame of adventure within you.

By purchasing any piece of Rigby art you will become part of our heritage. Each limited edition piece is numbered and stamped with the Rigby name. This means your name will be entered into hallowed Rigby ledger books, just like buying a gun as some of Rigby’s most intrepid forebearers like Corbett and Bell have done before you. In the years to come, we’ll be able to look back over those names and reminisce over our modern day Rigby adventurers.

At John Rigby & Co. we don’t compare ourselves to others, this is art done our way.

Meet the Artists

Geoffrey Lignon

Geoffrey Lignon

French artist Geoffrey works as an engraver at Rigby and trained for six years at the Liege School of Gunmaking in Belgium, where he specialised for four years in animals. Ever since he was a young boy he’s been drawing. He doesn’t come from an artistic family, but it’s a skill he’s developed from a childhood passion. This was inspired by the engravings on his father’s guns, after seeing them on his gunrack at eight-years old. Passionate about wildlife, especially African animals, his goal is to create realistic works of art that show the animals in their true form.

Saija Koskialho

Finnish artist Saija specialises in engraving animals and scenery at Rigby. Born and raised in Finland, Saija graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts in 2011 before moving to Florence to study goldsmithing. It was here that she was introduced to the art of engraving jewellery and silverware. Saija returned to Finland to continue her studies learning about the various engraving techniques. She then attended the prestigious Liege School of Gunmaking in Belgium. With Saija’s varied creative background we are excited to see what pieces she’ll create for Rigby Art.

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Saija Koskialho

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