John Rigby & Co. is delighted to announce the appointment of Tim Hill as the head of UK sales. With an impressive career spanning over 18 years in the shooting industry, Tim brings invaluable expertise and a deep passion for the field to this key role.

Tim Hill’s journey in the gun trade began in 2005 when he joined Sportarm, a renowned high-end shotgun retailer. Tim spent over three years there, getting immersed in the world of high-quality guns and fine craftsmanship. This early experience honed his understanding of the industry’s nuances and set the stage for his future endeavours.

In 2008, a new opportunity beckoned, leading Tim to venture into the world of wholesale territory management. Highland Outdoors became his next destination, and it was an exciting time for the company, being in its early days of wholesaling in the UK. Tim spent around three and a half years at Highland Outdoors, learning the intricacies of territory management and wholesale operations.

Tim’s career continued to ascend when he joined Edgar Brothers. Initially, he worked in field sales, a role that allowed him to sharpen his skills in customer engagement and market dynamics. Over eight years, he rose through the ranks to become the UK sales manager. This pivotal role provided Tim with a broader perspective on the industry and further deepened his expertise.

Following his time at Edgar Brothers, Tim made a brief return to Sportarm, serving as their commercial director. However, it was his next move that would truly solidify his position in the industry. Tim took on the role of running Perazzi UK for around four years. Here, his responsibilities extended beyond sales to encompass all aspects of the business, from product advertising to nurturing client relationships. He was also involved in product development, including the creation of limited edition runs.

Now, Tim embarks on a new chapter with Rigby, a decision that was not made lightly; Tim was drawn to the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and its fearless pursuit of excellence. Under the visionary leadership of managing director Marc Newton, Rigby has transformed into a globally recognised and aspirational brand in just a decade, since its return to London.

As the head of UK sales at Rigby, Tim’s mission is to bolster the UK market, an area with significant potential. This involves nurturing a specialised dealer network across the UK to promote Rigby’s guns, accessories and clothing.

Speaking about his new role, Tim Hill expressed his excitement, saying, “I am truly excited to be part of John Rigby & Co. and to lead the charge in expanding our presence in the UK market. We have exciting projects on the horizon, and I am eager to showcase our exceptional offerings to customers, dealers, and enthusiasts.”

Tim’s short-term goals include expanding the UK dealer network and elevating John Rigby & Co.’s profile in the UK market. He envisions creating exclusive, aspirational experiences for customers and building partnerships with outlets that share the brand’s values. Tim sees a future filled with events, launches, and exciting initiatives to showcase the full spectrum of offerings from John Rigby & Co.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Tim who’s based in Dorset, finds solace and joy in outdoor pursuits such as fishing and game shooting and deer stalking. These passions offer a perfect balance to his dynamic career in the gunmaking industry.

John Rigby & Co.’s managing director, Marc Newton, expressed his enthusiasm about Tim’s appointment, stating, “Tim Hill brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our team. His deep industry knowledge, paired with his passion for our brand, makes him the perfect choice to lead our UK sales efforts. We look forward to a prosperous future under his guidance.”

As Tim takes the helm at John Rigby & Co., the future holds exciting prospects for both him and our customers.

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