London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is delighted to announce the latest addition to its esteemed art department, Zoltán Boros. Hailing from Subotica, Serbia, Zoltán is known for his passion for wildlife and his exceptional talent in capturing the beauty and essence of the natural world.

His artistic journey began during his secondary school years, where he developed an affinity for hunting and hunting-themed art. Over the years, his artistic talent blossomed, and he has become renowned for his captivating works predominantly centred around native European wildlife. His art is a testament to his deep connection to nature, his keen observations of wildlife behaviours, and his commitment to authenticity.

Zoltán has received numerous prestigious honours, including the Golden Brush-Pen Award and the Peter Balogh Grand Prize for Art. His fascination with the interplay of line and tone in graphic art has led him to create masterful works characterised by elegance, simplicity, and a profound understanding of anatomy.

To celebrate this exciting collaboration, Zoltán has created seven stunning limited edition prints, each priced at £75. Each piece comes with a 7cm white bottom border, a unique series number, the artist’s signature, and the Rigby logo embossed in relief.

The seven exquisite art pieces include:

John Rigby & Co. invites art enthusiasts, collectors, and wildlife aficionados to explore and acquire these remarkable artworks, each a testament to the artist’s deep connection to nature and his extraordinary talent.

For more information about Zoltán Boros and his limited edition prints, visit: 

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