“Roe Deer Study” Limited edition print

Embark on a captivating narrative through the creativity of Zoltán Boros, a Hungarian-based artist. With “Roe Deer Study,” Zoltán weaves a tale of life’s journey, tracing the poignant arc from a tender fawn’s first steps to the indelible marks left by its growth. This drawing encapsulates the essence of existence itself. A profound exploration of life’s rhythms, this artwork stands as a singular piece within a limited edition of 10 giclée prints. Sized at A4, each print features a 7cm white bottom border, where each piece is numbered and hand-signed by the artist before being relief-stamped with the Rigby logo.

Delve into the eloquence of nature’s story with “Roe Deer Study,” an exquisite fusion of art and insight.

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