“Male Boar” Limited edition print

Capture the elusive essence of the wild with Zoltán Boros’ “Male Boar” drawing. A Hungarian-based artist, Zoltán intricately portrays the enigmatic big keiler, a once-common sight in his local hunting grounds. A poignant reflection on changing times, this artwork echoes a time before swine fever altered the landscape. As one of the last Mohicans of its kind, the male boar stands as a symbol of resilience in the face of adversity. This extraordinary piece is part of a limited edition series, comprising of just 10 giclée prints. Sized at A4, each print features a 7cm white bottom border, where each piece is numbered and hand-signed by the artist before being relief-stamped with the Rigby logo.

“Male Boar” captures the spirit of the wild, offering a glimpse into a vanishing world while celebrating the artist’s skill and connection to nature.

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