“Red Stag with Hinds” Limited edition print

Experience the pinnacle of the hunting calendar, the resounding roar of the red stag, captured brilliantly by Hungarian-based artist Zoltán Boros. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, Zoltán’s “Red Stag with Hinds” artwork embodies the heart of the hunt. Drawing on countless days spent observing these majestic creatures in their amorous glory, Zoltán prioritises the essence of the encounter over sheer trophy size. This exquisite piece, one of only 10 limited edition giclée prints, magnificently portrays a red stag with hinds in its natural habitat. Presented in A4 size, each print features a 7cm white bottom border, elegantly showcasing the artwork’s series number, artist’s signature, and the Rigby logo, embossed in relief.

Immerse yourself in “Red Stag with Hinds,” an exclusive embodiment of nature’s grandeur.

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