We are thrilled to announce the return of the Rigby Dagga Boy Award, after the success of our inaugural award. We are once again inviting hunters from around the world to participate in this unique initiative. Our goal remains clear: to promote ethical hunting practices and contribute valuable scientific data on African buffalo populations. In the spirit of conservation and responsible hunting, we aim to emphasise the significance of a buffalo’s age over mere trophy measurements, thereby fostering a healthier, more robust buffalo population across the African continent.

To participate in the Rigby Dagga Boy Award, hunters are invited to share their entries electronically by emailing a detailed hunt report, along with photos of qualifying buffalo bulls taken from January 2022 up to the end of the 2024 hunting season to daggaboy@johnrigbyandco.com. Your entry could make a significant contribution to buffalo conservation efforts, so don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of our mission.

Eligible buffalo criteria:

Buffalo bulls only: No cows from any buffalo species are eligible, only bulls that have surpassed breeding age.

Wild and free-ranging: Bulls must come from self-sustaining herds and be hunted in an ethical, fair chase, track, walk-and-stalk manner. The term “wild and free-ranging” signifies that these buffalo populations depend solely on their natural environment for sustenance. In some cases, concession operators may enhance water supply by drilling wells or building dams, which is deemed acceptable. Additionally, at the conclusion of the hunting season, some operators dispose of old, used salt from their skinning sheds which offers no nutritional value to the wildlife, and this practice is also considered acceptable.

No managed populations: Bulls from ranched, captive-bred, artificially managed, handled, sold, or traded populations, regardless of geographical location, size, or fencing, are ineligible for entry. Additionally, buffalo populations receiving any form of nutritional assistance during the year, such as access to improved pastures, hay, alfalfa, protein supplements, licks, or complex mineral mixtures to maintain body condition, enhance reproductive performance, or improve growth rate, will be considered ‘managed’ and, therefore, not eligible for participation in the competition.

Old dagga boys: The emphasis with be on ‘old’ and ‘broken-horned’ bulls who have surpassed breeding age.

Hunting season: The bulls must have been hunted between January 2022 and the end of the 2024 hunting season.

Submission deadline: Entries must be submitted by email before Friday 13 December 2024.

Judging criteria:

All entries will be reviewed by a distinguished panel of judges with extensive expertise in buffalo hunting and conservation. The panel includes Dr. Kevin ‘Doctari’ Robertson, Professional Hunter Robin Hurt, Professional Hunter Buzz Charlton, and Rigby’s Managing Director, Marc Newton. These experts will collectively evaluate entries, considering factors such as the difficulty of the hunt and the age of the buffalo. Their comprehensive assessment ensures a fair and thorough selection process for the Rigby Dagga Boy Award.

Factors considered in determining signs of age include:

  • Boss development/wear/hardness
  • Horn tip position and sharpness or lack thereof
  • Degree of muscling in the neck and shoulder region
  • Overall body colour
  • Ear condition
  • Facial markings
  • The development of chinlap
  • Size of the front hooves

Competition details:

Species: Bulls from all six syncerus species are eligible, including Cape/Southern, Nile, East African Savannah, Central African Savannah, West African Savannah and Dwarf Forest bulls

Prize: The winner will receive a Rigby .416 Big Game rifle, and the Professional Hunter who guided them will receive a Rigby .450 PH rifle.

Announcement: The winner will be announced on the Rigby booth at the 2025 Dallas Safari Club Convention.

Submission: Entries should be submitted electronically to daggaboy@johnrigbyandco.com.

Additional Information:

All entries must be accompanied by electronically supplied, good quality photos of the hunter and their buffalo. Photos of the ears, teeth, body should also be submitted if available.

Entrants must provide the name and contact details of the Professional Hunter and outfitter who guided the hunt, along with a detailed description of where and when the hunt took place.

The “story” of the hunt will be a crucial part of the application and judging process. A detailed description of the effort and experiences which resulted in the hunting of such an old bull will be essential.

While not mandatory, entrants are encouraged to send any hunted dagga boy buffalo’s lower jaw, first molar teeth (third teeth from the rear on each side) for research purposes to Dr. Kevin Robertson by mailing to: 117 Krieg Drive, Boerne, Texas, 78006, USA.

Entrants must agree to allow their photos and stories to be printed in magazine/book/online format should this be deemed worthy at a later date.

By entering the award, the winners agree not to sell their prizes and enjoy using them for their intended purpose. Failure to comply with this condition will result in disqualification from entering any future Rigby competitions.

To Enter:

To enter, simply submit your entries electronically to daggaboy@johnrigbyandco.com. We look forward to receiving your submissions and making a positive impact together.

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