London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has added three new limited-edition prints to its acclaimed art collection, each taken from an original work by the company’s in-house engraver and artist, Geoffrey Lignon. The three prints each feature a study of a beautiful and majestic animal, focusing in particular on their eyes. The resulting works are utterly captivating, absorbing the viewer and drawing them in.

State of Alert is Lignon’s depiction of a zebra scanning the savannah, responding to its deepest, strongest instinct – to survive. The viewer feels the tension and how survival is the only priority for this zebra and must be fulfilled at whatever the cost.  In contrast, The Lone Prince is “a tribute to the strength of the leopard who must fight, hunt and survive alone”, perfectly depicting the poise and watchfulness of an apex predator in its prime. The Pearl of Sumatra is a mesmerising study of a Sumatran tiger, a powerful animal under serious threat by human activity and a lack of genetic variety. As Lignon comments: “in a few years, possibly decades, the beauty of these creatures will only be witnessed through windows of the past”.

The print runs for all three works are strictly limited to 25, and each giclée print has been personally signed and numbered by the artist and embossed with the Rigby “double R” logo.

For more information about Rigby Art, click here.

RRP £575 per 1,189 x 280mm -sized print, plus P&P.

“State of Alert”
“The Lone Prince”
“The Pearl of Sumatra”

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