London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is proud to announce a new initiative inviting customers to exchange their weathered and worn, old Rigby baseball caps for a brand new one free of charge. Celebrating the spirit of adventure, this initiative not only breathes new life into these field essentials, but creates a unique platform for hunters to share their stories of adventure.

In line with the company’s ethos of creating products ‘made to be used’ and catering to those ‘in pursuit of adventure’, customers are invited to send in their used Rigby baseball caps along with a brief narrative, detailing the cap’s adventures in the field, explaining how they got to look so tatty. Whether it’s a tale of stalking stags in the Highlands, traversing African savannahs in pursuit of big game, or sharing camaraderie with fellow hunters, every story will add to Rigby’s rich legacy.

The worn caps, the names of the hunters who wore them and their accompanying stories will be proudly displayed in the new Rigby showroom, showcasing the shared experiences and memories of the Rigby community.

To participate, customers are required to send their old cap, along with their full name, address, contact number, email address, and preferred colour choice for the new cap – hunting green, Rigby blue, or khaki – to the following address:

John Rigby & Co.

13-19 Pensbury Place,

London, SW8 4TP,

United Kingdom

“We are excited to launch this initiative, which not only pays tribute to the legacy of Rigby, but also celebrates the experiences and adventures our customers have had while wearing our iconic baseball caps,” said Marc Newton, managing director of John Rigby & Co. “Through this programme, we aim to inspire others to embark on their own adventures and are very much looking forward to reading everyone’s stories.”

To learn more, click here.

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