London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is thrilled to announce the latest, long-awaited addition to its renowned line of sporting guns: the Shikari double rifle. This Best boxlock double rifle embodies the spirit of a bygone era, while exceeding the demands of the modern-day hunter.

The Shikari is a modern interpretation of a classic British double rifle introduced to the Rigby range in the late 1890s, which became a staple for colonial game wardens and Professional Hunters. Its resurgence pays homage to a rich heritage of hunting and opens the door to experiencing the thrill of an African double rifle safari with a Rigby in-hand.

At the core of the rifle is a robust and durable Anson & Deeley action that marries proven design with modern functionality. Available in .450/400NE, .450NE, .470NE and .500NE calibres, the action and forend iron are both colour case hardened, with blued furniture.

The rifle’s barrels are regulated to 50 yards with the client’s choice of ammunition. Customers can also specify their choice of barrel length upon ordering. The Shikari features a classic Rigby quarter rib, a front sight block and circle-jointed doll’s head top extension. The forend release is the familiar Rigby grip-catch.

Adorned with traditional Rigby pattern boxlock border engraving and the maker’s name engraved on the barrels, customers can further personalise their Shikari by selecting their preferred Turkish walnut stock blank. Stocks are made to the customer’s bespoke measurements and finished with Rigby’s London Best oil finish.

In celebration of the Shikari release, Rigby is delighted to introduce the Shikari Special Edition. This model shares all the same specifications of the Shikari but offers an upgrade to grade nine Turkish walnut, Rigby pattern boxlock scroll engraving and is presented in a traditional oak and leather double rifle case, handcrafted by Traditional English Guncases (TEG) London.

Marc Newton, managing director of John Rigby & Co., commented: “With the Shikari, we’ve not only resurrected a classic but reimagined it for the needs of hunters of today. Rigby continues its legacy of delivering exceptional sporting guns, and we are confident that the Shikari will strike a chord with those who appreciate the rich heritage and thrill of hunting with a Rigby in hand.”

For enquiries, detailed pricing, and further information on the Shikari rifle and Shikari Special Edition, please contact Jérôme Lanoue, Rigby’s head of sales by emailing:

Prices start from: £38,000 ex. VAT.

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