A unique partnership between John Rigby and Co., Squire Editions and Traditional English Guncases (TEG), has resulted in a one-of-a-kind Land Rover Defender specially customised with Rigby features and bespoke details.

Brought together by their shared passion for quality, adventure and classic British design, these three brands have created a vehicle that is both beautiful and functional. Over six months, independent vehicle modifier Squire Editions transformed a classic Defender 130 into every fieldsports enthusiast’s dream 4×4. Finished in Keswick Green, the Rigby Land Rover is kitted out with a bespoke twin drawer system; one for Rigby guns and the other for hospitality where bottles of bubbly and glasses can be stored. The vehicle also boasts a 270° pull-out awning, ideal for setting up an alfresco lunch wherever you are.

The bespoke Rigby interior is a mixture of canvas and leather with TEG having crafted the inlays for the gun cases and used those same high quality materials to fabricate the luxurious interiors including the seats and dashboard, adding an extra layer of elegant continuity and style.

Other special features include access to 25 litres of pressurised water which can be used for washing boots or a mucky pooch, a safari spotting seat big enough for two, a bespoke fit rifle rack and an exterior roll cage with a front light bar and twin rear spot lights.

For those interested in commissioning their own bespoke Rigby Land Rover, Squire Editions offer full customisation options according to budget and specifications meaning each vehicle is truly unique to each customer.


10 responses

  1. Greetings,
    May I know the price range of this vehicle in petrol engine please. From basic to additional additions.
    Have a good morning,

  2. Greetings Mr Duffy,
    If I may know for the price range for this vehicle, like a base price and additional item including price.
    Have a nice weekend,

  3. I would like to know the price of a petrol model so I can import it to Pakistan. I believe it will be classified as a pick-up, not as an SUV

  4. Greetings,
    I am interested in this customised vehicle and would like to know some more details.
    1. Year of manufacture
    2. Fuel (Diesel or Peteol)

    1. ello Mir,
      Much of the availability depends on your location. The year and fuel type can also vary depending on your location. For instance if in the US, the vehicle has to be twenty-five years old and have the original power train. These restrictions do not apply so much in the UK. The vehicles are all fully bespoke and built to your requirements and are customized to your specifications, These vehicles are fully rebuilt mechanically and aesthetically. We will be happy to discuss the details and your thoughts and ideas.

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