London gunmaker John Rigby & Co has unveiled two stunning new additions to its Rigby Art catalogue. The exclusive prints were drawn by Rigby’s in-house engraver, Geoffrey Lignon, and depict two of Africa’s most magnificent big cats and expertly capture a unique blend of ferocity, power and vulnerability.

‘The Story of a Life’ shows a mature lion, whose face is a testament to the struggles and triumphs that have punctuated its existence. The talented young French engraver has shown the beast with a disheveled mane and a mass of scars from a tough life, but a ferocious pride still burns in its eyes.

‘The Face of Trouble’ epitomises the fatalistic dilemma with which the leopard regards a confrontation: the desire to avoid a fight if at all possible, since even a simple injury can spell doom. In Geoffrey’s own words: “If it starts a fight, it’s going to the end and that will be nasty.’

Both artworks are rendered in an arresting white-on-black monochrome and are A4 in size. Only 50 prints of each drawing have been made, all are individually numbered.

As with all Rigby Art, each purchaser will have his or her name entered into the historic Rigby ledgers for posterity, just as they would if buying a firearm.

For more information, please visit:

RRP £120 (including UK VAT) per A4-sized print, plus P&P.

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