London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is proud to announce the release of its Dagga Boy special edition rifle set. This exclusive collection of 12 Rigby Big Game rifles pays homage to the old, solitary buffaloes that have surpassed breeding age and the hunting of which, is a cause Rigby aims to champion through their Dagga Boy Award.

Each special edition rifle features a single square bridge action, chambered in .416 Rigby, with a 24-inch standard profile barrel and grade eight Turkish walnut stock. It is fitted with a black leather-covered recoil pad and Kalahari leather sling.

The Dagga Boy’s detailed engravings include buffalo footprints inlaid in yellow gold on the rifle’s black recoil bar and grip cap trap. A black bolt with the ‘double R’ inlaid in yellow gold, inlaid yellow gold rear sights, flag safety and serial number on the trigger guard complete the intricate design.

The top of the rifle’s floorplate proudly displays the rifle’s unique series number, ‘X of 12’, inlaid in yellow gold, followed by the Rigby ‘double R’ logo. The centre of the floorplate is engraved with the face of an old dagga boy buffalo, accompanied by “Dagga Boy” engraved in yellow gold, and the rifle’s calibre, ‘Cal. .416 Rigby,’ also in yellow gold.

Each rifle is housed in a brown leather case, bearing the “Dagga Boy” label, alongside the rifle’s unique serial number. The case comes complete with a full set of accessories. As part of the set, each special edition includes an exquisite nine-inch Bowie knife, labelled “Dagga Boy”, and is adorned with the Rigby ‘double R’ logo. Additionally, a limited-edition Rigby Dagga Boy book, numbered and signed by Rigby’s managing director, Marc Newton and is a compilation of all the hunting stories submitted to the inaugural Rigby Dagga Boy Award, making them a collector’s dream.

The release of this limited collection is a tribute to passionate hunters who recognise the importance of hunting dagga boys and continue to support Rigby’s Dagga Boy Award. This initiative champions ethical hunting and scientific insights into African buffalo populations, emphasising age over trophies.

Marc Newton, managing director of Rigby commented: “The Dagga Boy special edition is a testament to Rigby’s dedication to creating timeless pieces, that resonate with hunters. We are excited to share this exquisite collection with the world and invite those passionate about hunting old dagga boys to experience the Rigby legacy.”

This limited edition release will undoubtedly become a coveted collector’s item and a treasured companion for adventurous hunters. To secure your piece of history and learn more about the Dagga Boy special edition, please contact our gunroom by emailing:

Retail £22,500 excluding VAT.

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