London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. proudly introduces the Big Game Lightweight rifle to its renowned Big Game series. This latest edition will be officially unveiled on the Rigby booth #4125 at the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2024, held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre in Dallas, Texas, from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 January.

The Big Game Lightweight extends Rigby’s award-winning range of Big Game rifles, joining the ranks of the Big Game and Big Game PH models. The lightweight model pays homage to the classic pre-war safari expedition rifles, being based on those models housed in the Rigby Museum.

Chambered in .350 Rigby Magnum, a beloved classic calibre known for its stopping power and mild recoil, it is the ideal choice for hunting African plains game or North American big game. Built on a Mauser M98 magnum double square bridge action, the rifle features a three-position side safety and has capacity for holding five cartridges in the magazine box, plus one in the chamber.

The new slim profile 24-inch barrel is engraved with the maker’s name, ‘J. Rigby & Co. London England,’ in old English font, and is fitted with a barrel band with swivels for sling attachment. Express island style sights are fitted to the rifle, featuring a ramp front sight with an elevation-adjustable yellow bead and a rear sight with one fixed blade for 65 yards, plus two folding blades for 150 and 250 yards, complete with windage adjustments.

The stock profile has been reproduced to mirror the vintage pre-war models, with no cheek piece and larger hand-chequered panels, offering a timeless aesthetic. With a stock length of 14 and a half-inches and grade five wood  as standard, customers can upgrade their stock up to grade nine, before being oil-finished and fitted with a red rubber recoil pad.

The rifle’s finishing touches include a colour case hardened recoil bar and grip cap, while the new flat, slimmed profile magazine floorplate is engraved with the Rigby ‘double R’ logo. Each rifle is fitted with quick-detachable swing off mounts and weighs in at 4.260kg, 430grams less than the Rigby Big Game.

Marc Newton, managing director of John Rigby & Co. commented: “The Big Game Lightweight represents a harmonious blend of timeless elegance, tailored for the modern hunter. Rigby’s dedication to crafting exceptional guns, made to be used is evident in every detail of this rifle. We are confident that this new addition to the Big Game series will resonate with hunters who appreciate the classic charm and capability that Rigby is known for.”

The journey of bringing the Big Game Lightweight to life was led by Nelson Neto Jnr., head of production for Rigby Big Game and Highland Stalker rifles. His expertise and dedication have played a crucial role in ensuring that the rifle not only meets but exceeds the expectations of discerning hunters.

For further information about the new Rigby Big Game Lightweight, email:

£10,950 excl. VAT.

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  1. the 350 style was very unique , it had a scope mount in front of the front receiver ring which is probably the single most distinctive feature of the rifle , its too bad its not here a better version would be to make them SSB with flag safety , and the flat in front of the receiver set up blank or for the new sighting system. just my thoughts

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