Press release – 13 June 2018

Adding stealth to the Highland Stalker rifle, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has partnered with top British engineering firm, Barton GunWorks to develop a bespoke sound moderator befitting their award-winning rifle, which not only significantly minimises sound but reduces recoil.

With specific criteria for design, Barton GunWorks was challenged to produce a sound moderator which would not affect the handling and balance of the rifle, be aesthetically pleasing and compact so owners could still use the open sights, with moderator fitted.

After months of engineering, the end result was a Rigby moderator that measures 40mm in diameter (1mm less than the front sight), 130mm in length, coming back over the barrel as far as the front sight will allow, weighing a mere 224 grams. Complementing the look of the rifle, the moderator has been finished with a high quality, non-reflective, satin finish, with the back of the moderator designed in a fashion to follow the profile of the front rifle sight.

The moderator can be purchased as part of a package from Rigby, which includes the blended muzzle caps, screw cutting and fitting to the rifle (14×1 thread), plus a leather Rigby pouch for storage when not in use, which also holds the blended muzzle caps in a special compartment when the moderator is fitted.

Marc Newton, the managing director of Rigby, commented: “We are delighted with the end result from Barton GunWorks. They have really developed a product which whole-heartily complements the Rigby brand. For anyone who wishes to purchase a new Rigby moderator, the barrel will be screw-cut with a precision edge for an almost invisible join; so should you choose not to use your moderator on every hunt, it won’t impact the look of your rifle.”

Dr. William Westlake, director of Barton GunWorks, added: “For us, the end result was more than we could have hoped for. With the Rigby moderator fitted to the rifle, you could hand the Highland Stalker to someone blind and they wouldn’t even realise it was there. It was important to us to present a product which unmistakably flattered the look of the rifle but also fulfilled each and every request from Rigby, which I believe we achieved.”

Package price: RRP £695

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