Gold inlaid double RJohn Rigby and Co is offering its clients a bespoke gold inlay service enabling them to add a specific personal touch their rifles. Gold inlay is a complex and highly skilled technique whereby 24 carat gold is set into wood or metal and can include designs such as a Rigby logo, animal heads, lettering, initials or any other design a client may choose.

Gold inlay has been used for centuries on the wooden stocks or metal surfaces of firearms and edged weapons. Channelled or recessed areas shaped to the required design are carved into the surface and are then filled with gold.

Such metal inlay techniques require the sides of the area to be filled to be undercut in a dovetail profile. When the gold is hammered into the cavity it flares into the undercut sides, securing the inlay in place. The gold is either then burnished flush with the service or left to protrude in relief, in a technique called encrusting.

The gold inlay service, which starts at £200, is available for all of Rigby’s renowned range of rifles including the Big Game series, its custom made London Best range and the premium, famous Rising Bite rifles which are currently in production.

Ed Workman, Workshop Manager at Rigby, commented: “Gold inlay was one of the most usual methods of decorating firearms and armour in the past and we’re proud to be offering this traditional yet highly specialist service to our clients which will enable them to personalise their rifle with a design of their choice.”

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  1. I would like to have my initials inflated on a set of 1911 grips and I was wondering if I could get a quote? Thank you.

  2. I have a set of iron wood grips for a 1911 I would like to put my initials on. I was wondering if I could get a quote? Thank you.

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