Press Release: 26 July 2019

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has announced the launch of their new art department, named ‘Rigby Art’, at the three-day festival of the Great British countryside – The Game Fair – which was held at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 July 2019.

Headed up by Rigby’s talented in-house engraver, Geoffrey Lignon and supported by fellow Rigby engraver Saija Koskialho, Rigby Art pieces will initially be available to purchase from the John Rigby & Co. website, with a new gallery set to open at Rigby’s Pensbury Place workshop in 2020.

Each Rigby engraver will be free to express their own artistic style within the domain of hunting and Rigby’s history. Geoffrey is passionate about wildlife and in particular, African animals.  He initially set out by creating a stunning bronze lion sculpture, called ‘The price of the reign’ which took 120 hours to complete. His goal is to create realistic works of art, and to show his animals in their true form.

Playing to each of the artists’ strengths, Rigby Art will feature sculptures, drawings, lithographic prints and much more. Every piece of art created will be serialised and entered into the Rigby ledger books, so no matter if you buy a large drawing or small sculpture, you’ll own a piece of history.

Rigby artist and engraver, Geoffrey Lignon commented: “I’m very excited about this new project, as we’re writing history. Art techniques have been the same for centuries but we’re going to do it our way and not comparing ourselves to others. Thanks to the Rigby ledger, in 50 years’ time we’ll be able to look back and see who the first people to invest in Rigby Art were and reminisce over the items they bought.”

Each limited-edition piece will be available to view and purchase from their website. Customers can also select which number in the 1 of 100 series they would like to buy.

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