Press Release: 22 July 2019

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is offering clients a unique service that will help to get the best possible performance from their rifle, no matter the brand, then diagnose and remedy any issues they may be having with accuracy.

The service will encompass both old and new rifles, and Rigby will help clients to get the accuracy they need to have absolute confidence in their rifle in the field. The rifle will be tested at the John Rigby & Co. Rifle Range to identify whether there are any problems, and Rigby will check everything from scope mounts, ensuring the barrel is free-floating and what ammunition works best for the rifle in question. Rigby can even develop custom ammunition if factory loads aren’t performing well enough.

Marc Newton, managing director of Rigby, commented: “We hear all too often that clients are not getting the performance they want from a rifle – but few know how to remedy this and after spending an hour zeroing at the range, many people don’t know what to do next. With this service, Rigby will look at the rifle holistically – we start with test firing and zeroing and can then start to identify what may be affecting a rifle’s accuracy, from the rifle mounts to ammunition. It’s very exciting to be able to help our clients get the absolute best out of their rifle so that they can go out in the field without worrying about it.”

Prices start at £215 plus VAT.

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