John Rigby & Co. has announced further opportunities for fans to try their internationally renowned firearms in person. Following a successful event held in late 2019, two more Rigby Experience evenings will be held at the highly regarded West London Shooting School, only 12 miles from central London.

Open to seasoned safari hands and novices alike, the Rigby Experience gives a taste of what the firm’s rifles can do from the plains of Africa to the Highlands of Scotland. Highlights include: a session on the Rigby rifle range, culminating with the classic “stalkers’ test”; an adrenaline-inducing encounter with the running boar target, and a head-to-head stand-off with a majestic buffalo target. Guests will be able to enjoy both bolt action and double rifles. The events will conclude with drinks, a mouthwatering safari-style barbecue and a chance to hear some behind the scenes insights and more about the exciting past, present and future of Rigby.

The 2020 Rigby Experience costs £240 per person (inc. VAT). The 2020 dates are Wednesday 20th May and Wednesday 16th September. For more information, contact Andrew Ambrose at Rigby by email at, or call the West London Shooting School on 020 8845 1377.

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