London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is delighted to announce a significant milestone in its partnership with Habitat for Rhino, a rhino conservation project based in Gamsberg, Namibia. As the world prepares to celebrate World Rhino Day on Friday 22 September, the company is proud to share remarkable news of the project’s recent success in safeguarding the rhino population.

In a heart-warming update from Habitat for Rhino, two rhino calves were born at Gamsberg, bringing renewed hope and optimism to the ongoing conservation efforts. This momentous occasion follows the tragic loss of a young bull named ‘Kirby’ to poaching last year. The resilience of the project is evident as it marks a decade of tireless dedication to conserving these magnificent creatures.

Despite challenges, 10 rhino calves have been born at Gamsberg during this period. While two calves were regrettably lost—one to poaching and the other to a rocky crevice accident—the survival rate stands at an impressive 80 percent. This remarkable statistic underscores the success and effectiveness of the Habitat for Rhino project.

The most recent additions to the rhino family at Gamsberg are truly heartening—a male calf, born on 30 June to mother Outcho, and another calf born on 9 September, whose gender remains undisclosed due to the mother’s protective instincts. The project team hopes for a female calf, further contributing to the growth and sustainability of the rhino population.

Habitat for Rhino has made substantial investments in enhancing rhino protection, with six full-time rangers dedicated to tracking and monitoring the rhinos on a daily basis. Four of these dedicated rangers patrol during daylight hours, while two maintain surveillance duties throughout the night. This 24/7 vigilance is further supported by strategically located security cameras, although some of these cameras fell victim to poachers earlier this year. The project is in the process of replacing these critical surveillance tools.

Habitat for Rhino acknowledges that none of these conservation measures would be possible without the invaluable support and involvement of its partners and supporters.

In honour of World Rhino Day 2023, Habitat for Rhino is delighted to unveil a stunning portrait of “Big Daddy,” the alpha male rhino and proud father to all the calves born at Gamsberg. This exquisite artwork is a generous donation from American wildlife artist Greg Pole and his wife Erin. The Poles have offered this masterpiece as a 100 percent donation to benefit Habitat for Rhino. For those interested in acquiring this remarkable piece of wildlife art, please contact Greg and Erin Pole at for further details.

On this World Rhino Day, Rigby reaffirms its commitment to the conservation of these magnificent creatures and expresses its warmest wishes and immense appreciation to all those who continue to support the Gamsberg Rhinos through Habitat for Rhino.

For more information about the Habitat for Rhino project or to contribute to this noble cause, please visit:

PC: Pauline Hurt & Robin Hurt

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  1. Thank you so much Marc and all at Rigby for the huge support . It is most appreciated.
    Together we can be a bulldoze poaching into obscurity.

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