London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is pleased to introduce the accomplished Austrian sculptor, Robert Weldy as the newest member of its esteemed art department. His exceptional talent in creating life-like artworks makes him an invaluable addition to the team.

Robert’s artistic journey began at 15-years-old when he apprenticed in taxidermy, driven by a passion for modelling and lifelong love of hunting. After joining the Austrian army at 20 and serving in Kosovo, he spent 15 years as a weapons technician. In 2015, he started sculpting alongside his military career, crafting wildlife sculptures that reflect his deep connection to nature, infusing his works with authentic, intricate details that capture each animal’s true essence.

Upon joining the Rigby Art department, Robert presents two exceptional debut pieces:

“Old Dugga Boy” Limited edition sculpture

Experience the captivating artistry of Robert Weldy with this limited edition, one of nine, Cape buffalo sculpture. This masterpiece tells the compelling story of an aged dugga boy buffalo, with weathered horns that bear witness to a lifetime of struggles. Crafted from cast resin/polymer plaster and hand-painted, every detail, from the texture of the hide to the buffalo’s resolute gaze, mirrors its authenticity. Set on an elegant stainless steel pedestal atop an impressive walnut base, this sculpture serves as a tribute to resilience, strength and the enduring beauty found in nature.

£3,750, excluding P&P

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“Cape Buffalo Fighting” Limited edition sculpture

Discover the dynamic energy of Robert Weldy’s artistry with this stunning limited edition, one of nine, sculpture featuring two sparring Cape buffalo. This piece captures a moment of power and rivalry as these magnificent beasts lock horns in a test of strength. Hand-painted and crafted with precision from cast resin/polymer plaster, this sculpture realistically reproduces every detail of these majestic animals. The stainless steel pedestal and walnut base elevate its elegance, making it a striking focal point in any space.

£5,850, excluding P&P

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