London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has added four remarkable new limited edition prints to its growing offering of sporting and wildlife art. Derived from original works created by in-house engraver and artist, Geoffrey Lignon, they depict some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife, capturing the tensions between beauty and brutality that underscore the animals’ existence.

Witness epitomises the power and the passions that surround the elephant and its struggle for survival against the greed and ignorance of the modern world. Majestic shows the fearless dignity and strength of the lioness, on whom the survival of her pride depends. Reminding us of the violence inherent in nature, The Road to Carnage issues a chilling but mesmerising warning of the single-minded brutality of the wild dog. Juxtaposing physical scars and mental strength, Soul Diving is a testament to the challenges that must be overcome by a dominant lion throughout its life.

The print runs for each are strictly limited and each giclée print has been personally signed and numbered by the artist, plus embossed with the Rigby “double R” logo.

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