London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has released a new limited edition print, titled “The Call”, depicting the exact moment during the roe rutting season, when a master buck comes bounding into your call, as if by magnetic effect.

The mesmerising scene has been captivated by Rigby artist and engraver Geoffrey Lignon and evokes all the senses and emotions of hunting during this highly exciting and eagerly-anticipated time in the roebuck hunting calendar.

Only 35 of these exquisite giclée prints have been made – 10 A0-sized and 25 A1-sized. Each one has been signed and numbered by the artist and stamped with Rigby’s iconic logo. As with all Rigby Art, everyone purchasing one of these prints will have his or her name entered into Rigby’s historic ledgers for posterity, just as they would if buying a firearm. All prints will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

RRP: £745 for A0-sized // £445 for A1-sized, plus P&P.

To purchase, CLICK HERE.


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