After a break in production of over 100 years, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is set to unveil its first new pair of 12-bore Rising Bite shotguns in Europe next week. After being officially introduced in January at Safari Club International (SCI) Convention in Nevada, the shotguns will be unveiled to the European gun trade at IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg, from Friday 8 to Monday 11 March.

Just like its rifle counterpart, the Rising Bite shotgun is characterised by the unique Rigby patent Rising Bite action, well-regarded for its unique strength and distinctive style. The patent dates back to 1879 and was the brainchild of Thomas Bissell, a gunmaker who collaborated with John Rigby on several projects and made guns for him in the mid-to-late 1800s.

Built in London by Rigby’s skilled team of gunmakers under the direction of the firm’s Rising Bite executive, Nick Coggan, the shotgun honours Rigby’s proven designs of the past and offers a distinctive alternative for the discerning game shot.

Now, after two years in production, the first pair of Rigby Rising Bite shotguns will be displayed to the public, before being delivered to their owner. They feature exquisite engravings of birds in flight by engraver Geoffrey Lignon, with supporting Rigby scroll engraving.

Marc Newton, Rigby’s managing director, commented: “The completion of these unique shotguns is a real landmark for Rigby. Our customers value traditional designs and just like every newly released Rigby, they pay homage to our past. With dipped-edge lock plates, a straight-hand grip walnut stock, inlaid with a silver oval, every order includes a custom fitting service. Engraving and wood upgrades are optional. The Rising Bite shotgun will be available on scaled actions in a wide range of gauges, from 12-bore to .410.”

Prices start from £79,000 (excl. VAT). For more information, visit:


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  1. I saw my first Rigby rising bite double rifle in .416 Rigby today at Gordy and Sons, John Rigby Day. May be a lot longer before (if ever) I see in person a Rigby rising bite shotgun. Marc and his crew have just continued to press the bar higher ever since they returned to London! Whatever it is you are doing, just keep it up, it’s working!!!

  2. What a great shotgun, I was blessed to be able to see and hold one recently. It handled like a dream, felt like a 20g instead of a 12g. I can’t wait until I have one in my humble collection. 28g please!!!

    In Christ

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