London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has boosted its Shikar Store hunting accessories collection with a new Rigby Wind Check, offering a quick and efficient way to check the wind direction on any hunting expedition and something no avid hunter should be without.

Housed in a hand-stitched, full-grain leather sheath, secured by a leather loop and catch, the solid brass wind check bears the Rigby name and ‘double R’ logo, as on the leather sheath.

Simply remove the brass wind check from its holster and shake the cellar to release a fine powder which sprinkles out through the three-holed lid. Watch how the cloud behaves in the air to detect even the slightest breeze, to prevent finding yourself on the wrong side of the wind.

The brass cap on the powder flask can be unscrewed to refill contents, plus it features a secret compartment for storing medication, batteries or other small necessities you might need in an emergency. Thanks to its wide belt loop, it easily slides onto your belt so you can always keep it handy by your side.

£225, plus P&P


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