London gunmaker John Rigby & Co.’s art department has added an exquisite fine art print titled ‘Brace of Rhinos’ to its ever growing portfolio. The print is an arrestingly vivid depiction of two young beasts grazing, and has been taken from an original work by Rigby’s in-house engraver, Geoffrey Lignon.

Taking more than 200 hours to complete, the intricate pencil-drawn original was a labour of love for the young French engraver, who has been working with Rigby since 2015. Geoffrey himself has long been passionately interested in depicting African animals, and some of Rigby’s most famous modern rifles are inlaid with other examples of his work. In this piece, he shows the majestic beasts in their true form and natural habitat of African grasslands.

Only 30 limited edition prints have been made. Each one has been signed by the artist himself, relief-stamped with Rigby’s famous ‘double-R’ logo, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The first print in the series hangs in the Liège School of Gunmaking, where Geoffrey studied.

As with all Rigby Art, each purchaser will have his or her name entered into the historic Rigby ledgers for posterity, just as they would if buying a firearm.

RRP £375 per 62x43mm-sized print, plus P&P.

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