Handcrafted to ensure the finest of detail, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has added a new Leather Cigar Humidor to its Shikar Store collection, which is not only rich in beauty and functionality, but the ideal way to keep your cigars fresh when travelling.

Made by Els & Co. Fine Leather Craftsman, South Africa from the finest top-grain leather and stamped with the Rigby name and ‘double R’ logo, each piece is finished with strong and durable hand-stitching, to ensure the humidor stands the test of time.

Large enough to hold a substantial number of cigars, the humidor is lined with cedarwood, which is known for removing excess moisture and will help maintain relative humidity levels saving your cigars from deteriorating, as if they were made today.

The lid of the humidor is fitted with a Xikar crystal humidifier, which is easily maintained and recharged by pulling away the magnetic attachment system in the lid and refilling it with pre-mixed PG solution, keeping your cigars fresher for longer and tasting great.

£360, plus P&P


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