Press release – 2 Novemer 2015
For immediate release
John Rigby & Co now offering Sackville and Pensbury premium game shotgun cartridgesLondon gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has launched a selection of shotgun cartridges designed to help clients get the most out of gameshooting this season.

The move comes as part of the continued development and expansion of the firm’s gun servicing and repairs business, which is carried out by Rigby’s skilled team of gunmakers at its South London workshop, where its premium rifles are also made.

The 2015 offerings pay homage to the classic Rigby branding used by the gunmaker on shotgun cartridges in the past. They also benefit, however, from the latest developments in shotgun cartridge technology, thanks to the Royal Warrant-holding Hull Cartridge Company, which loaded the cartridges for Rigby. At 65mm (2.5 inches) in length, the cartridges have been designed to fit classic side-by-sides as well as modern over-and-under shotguns. They are available directly from Rigby’s flagship store in London with fibre wads in traditional game loads for both 12- and 20-bore guns. The 20-bore ‘Pensbury’ cartridge is available in 28g of No 6 shot, while the 12-bore ‘Sackville’ comes in 28g of No 6 shot or 30g of No 5 shot.

Managing Director Marc Newton commented: “With the growth of our work repairing and servicing shotguns for clients, bringing back Rigby branded shotgun cartridges seemed a logical thing to do. We may be best known for our big game rifles, which are used to hunt all around the world, but that doesn’t mean we’re not passionate about gameshooting in the UK too. Now clients will be able to take the Rigby spirit with them to tackle high pheasants as well as the Highveld..”

Prices: 20b £75/250, 12b 28g £73/250, 12b 30g £77/250

For media enquiries, email or telephone 01424 838759.

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