Burning Bright is a brand new novel by Indian author Harnihal Singh Sidhu, that takes readers on a journey based on the fascinating life and adventures of one of Rigby’s most famous customerslegendary tiger hunter and conservationist, Jim Corbett.

Author Harnihal Singh Sidhu explained that Burning Bright is not a biography, a formal history or an academic study, it is a gripping tale: “I’ve been obsessed with the tales of Jim Corbett since I was a schoolboy; he is my hero. It felt only natural I should write a novel based on his many amazing adventures. I spent a year writing this book, much of which I spent travelling to different locations Jim had been himself, such as Kaladhungi. I felt the need for a book that tells Jim’s story from cradle to grave without his sense of modesty. I wanted to share more of the extraordinary things he did. As a fiction writer, I could also speculate and use my imagination to fill in gaps in the narrative in a way a biographer or historian wouldn’t be able to.

Rigby’s managing director Marc Newton commented: “We are very excited to be selling this wonderful novel based on Jim Corbett’s fascinating life. Rigby’s historical connection with this incredible man is something we have always treasured and one that we will continue to celebrate.”

Available to buy online in paperback at: https://bit.ly/3opNeeU

UK RRP £15

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