Hero of Kumaon is a brand new biography by author Duff Hart-Davis, that takes readers on a journey through the fascinating life and adventures of one of Rigby’s most famous customers – legendary man-eating tiger hunter and conservationist, Jim Corbett.

Signed by the author and in its first edition, the book threads together the life of this very private, unassuming Indian railway employee. Often using Jim’s own thrilling narrative, Duff sets out the highlights of Jim’s adventures in sequence and in context, thus throwing light on an extraordinary character. The book makes mention of Rigby’s acquirement of Jim Corbett’s famous .275 and the subsequent tour of Kumaon, managing director Marc Newton took the rifle on.

In researching this book, biographer and journalist Hart-Davis travelled to Uttarakhand on several occasions, visiting the Corbett Tiger Reserve and many of the places Jim Corbett, his boyhood hero, would have known.

Renowned author Duff Hart-Davis commented: “In Hero of Kumaon, I have done my best to describe Jim’s life, the devotion which he inspired among hill folk, and his influence on the development of conservation in India. To bring the narrative alive, I have included the best of his stories, mostly in his own words. It seems a miracle that Rigby have managed to preserve the .275 presented to him in 1907 for killing the Champawat man-eater. But here it is – a fascinating memento of an extraordinary man.”

Rigby’s managing director Marc Newton commented: “We are very excited to be selling this wonderful biography documenting Jim Corbett’s fascinating life. Rigby’s historical connection with this incredible man is something we have always treasured and one that we will continue to celebrate.”

Available to buy online in hardback by clicking here.

UK RRP: £20

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