Gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has been gifted an extremely rare book by legendary big game hunter Jim Corbett for its collection in London.

The paperback, entitled ‘Jungle Stories’, was given to Rigby on loan by Robert Bucknell after he attended a standing-room-only presentation by Rigby’s Managing Director Marc Newton where he spoke about his recent acquisition of Corbett’s famous .275 Rigby bolt-action rifle.

During his talk at the CLA Game Fair, Marc mentioned that the book was actually for sale at the show on the Coch-y-Bonddu Books stand. Printed in 1935, only 100 copies of the 104-page book were ever published so it came with a hefty price tag. Marc explained: “We were well aware of the book but there was no way our budget could extend to purchasing it. I could not believe it when Robert approached me afterwards with the book in his hand – it was a complete surprise. We have been slowly gathering Corbett memorabilia to display at the Rigby showroom, so being loaned this phenomenal book for the collection is incredible. We are extremely grateful to Robert for his generosity.”

Robert commented: “I am a passionate Rigby and Corbett fan. I bought the book to prevent it disappearing into a private collection overseas where no-one would see it – this way every Corbett admirer can enjoy his musings.”

Paul Morgan of Coch-y-Bonddu Books added: “As a bookseller specialising in big game hunting and field sports for three decades, I have never seen or heard of another copy being offered for sale. I saw this one listed in another bookseller’s catalogue about 25 years ago and knowing of its rarity I bought it immediately. Rather than offer it for sale I have kept in my own collection ever since, having a fine clam-shell book-box made for it by my bookbinder. I had told my friend Robert Bucknell of its existance, but it was only when Rigby held the exhibition of Corbett memorabilia at the CLA Game Fair that I offered it for sale.”

All Corbett memorabilia is available to view at the Rigby showroom in London. To book an appointment, tel: 0207 720 0757.

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