When it comes to keeping your prized shotguns in meticulous condition, only the finest cleaning kit will do. The supreme quality of London gunmaker John Rigby & Co.’s new shotgun cleaning cases offer just that, ensuring your shotguns maintain their quality condition for generations to come.

Handmade in Britain by the highly skilled craftsmen of Traditional English Guncases (TEG) London, these bespoke wooden cases are crafted from a choice of the finest English oak or walnut and are internally lined with a traditional, high-quality baize in burgundy or green.

Housing everything you need to maintain the performance of your shotguns, this one cleaning case includes accessories suitable for .410, 28-bore, 20-bore, 16-bore and 12-bore calibres. Kitted out with deluxe Rigby-branded accessories, including snap caps bearing the company name, phosphor bronze brushes, three cleaning rods, brass jags, Rigby chamber brushes, a Rigby oil bottle, Rigby pattern turnscrews and a Rigby selvyt cloth.

Finished with a brass compartment handle and brass exterior catches, this item is made to order and enquiries can be made by emailing: tony@johnrigbyandco.com. Rest assured, that should any cleaning accessory wear with age, all can be replaced from the Rigby Shikar Store.

Marc Newton, managing director of Rigby commented: “When it comes to caring for your Best London shotguns, duteous care should be taken to maintain their quality after each use and between regular servicing intervals. With this in mind, we have curated a case of cleaning accessories with everything you need. Designed to not look out of place in any gunroom, if well cared for, it can be passed down through your family.”

£6,000, plus P&P.

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