Now you can chamber the rounds you need faster than ever, thanks to London gunmaker John Rigby & Co.’s new double draw bullet pouch, which offers finely crafted security, speed of access and classic safari style.

Handcrafted in South Africa for Rigby by fine leather experts, Els & Co., the pouch is branded with the distinctive ‘double R’ logo and can be firmly fixed to a hunting belt. The pouch’s sturdy elasticated loops will hold your preferred ammunition safely until you need it, and are arranged in pairs to offer fast, fumble-free reloading of both barrels in the heat of the moment. Three sizes are available – Magnum Large, African Large and African Extra Large. The Rigby team is happy to advise on the best option for your preferred ammunition.

Rigby’s managing director, Marc Newton, commented: “This is an ingenious accessory that adds extra reliability to reloading when the pressure’s on, which makes it an obvious choice for anyone looking for maximum speed during those crucial moments.”

£110 incl. VAT, plus P&P.

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