London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is pleased to announce the addition of three new handcrafted knives to its Shikar Store, bolstering its already impressive collection. Effortlessly combining the practicality and durability required for field dressing with classic Rigby style, the new knives are designed with the discerning hunting enthusiast in mind. All three new knives boast blades forged from 1095 carbon steel and 15N20 nickel steel Damascus, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and durability, as well as the signature ‘watered silk’ appearance of Damascus steel.

Rigby Damascus ‘Kasai’ Knife in blue

The Damascus ‘Kasai’ Knife in blue is handcrafted with a micarta handle, a material selected for its incredible durability even when exposed to extremes of temperature. Micarta will also resist moisture ingress and absorption, ensuring it stays strong and solid and not brittle as it ages. Paired with 1095 carbon steel and 15N20 nickel steel Damascus blade, this is a stylish knife designed to last.

£199. Shop here.

Rigby Damascus ‘Kasai’ Knife in white

A knife for the traditionalists who expect their kit to be as stylish as it is practical, the Damascus ‘Kasai’ knife in white is handcrafted from a camel bone handle and 1095 carbon steel and 15N20 nickel steel Damascus blade. Camel bone has been used for centuries of knifemaking thanks to its consistency and durability, and its ability to add style to any item.

£199. Shop here.

Rigby Damascus ‘Kwango’ Knife

The handcrafted Damascus ‘Kwango’ Knife features a tough 1095 carbon steel and 15N20 nickel steel Damascus blade paired with a red micarta handle. Micarta is unaffected by extreme highs and lows of temperature and resistant to moisture absorption, ensuring the knife handle will stay strong and looking good even after years of hard work in the field.

£199. Shop here.

All three knives are housed in their own handmade leather sheath, designed to ensure the perfect fit and keeping the knife safe and secure when it’s not being used. The sheaths are embossed with the iconic Rigby ‘double R’ logo and have loops to attach them to a belt when you’re on the go. A small hole drilled into the handle of each knife allows the owner to add a leather thong.

Rigby’s managing director, Marc Newton commented: “Here at Rigby we pride ourselves on a product range which straddles the practical and the desirable, and these new knives tick those boxes with ease. Either as a companion for hunting trips for years to come or a beloved desk ornament, I know the Kasai and Kwango knives will delight our customers.”

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