“Soul diving” Limited edition fine art print

Lion eyes fine art print (1 of 50)

“Being a lion isn’t a birth right: it’s a life-long challenge,” says Rigby’s artist-engraver, Geoffrey Lignon. “To appreciate the true greatness of a lion, you must dive deep into its soul. You must wonder at the trials that made it the strong, fearless creature you see before you.” Geoffrey’s haunting depiction of the beast’s eyes powerfully conveys the inner strength and ruthlessness that allow him to enforce his laws with raw, uncompromising brutality on all his subjects, from the strongest to the weakest. There is no hint of shame, no spectre of remorse, and no fear of blame present, only a sense of absolute dominance.

Relief stamped with Rigby’s iconic “double R” logo, each 1,189 x 280 mm giclée print in this limited run of 50 has been personally signed and numbered by the artist. Each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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