Roebuck stamp limited edition print

Numbered, stamped and signed print (1 of 50)

This limited edition 70x60mm roebuck stamp on premium 148x105mm sized paper by Rigby artist Saija Koskialho is numbered, stamped and signed by the artist. Each print comes presented in a beautiful Rigby blue envelope, wax sealed with the Rigby ‘double R’ logo, making it the perfect gift idea.

To create the artwork Saija began by engraving the roebuck onto a 3-4mm thick metal plate. Once completed, the paper for the transfer was soaked in water and the engraving plate dipped in a solution of etching ink and sepia-coloured paint to give it that authentic, period look. The plate was then passed through a rolling press with the paper, to transfer the artwork and create this unique stamp.

The engraving of the roebuck has taken Saija nine hours to complete.

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