“Witness” Boxed print cards

Showcasing the outstanding work of Rigby’s resident engraver Geoffrey Lignon each box contains 10 cards displaying Geoffrey’s unique artistry. Presented in an elegant box in Rigby’s signature dark blue , adorned with the Rigby “double R” logo in gold foil along with crisp ivory coloured envelopes, they are the perfect gift for a Rigby enthusiast to share a message with friends in an unusual way.

A tribute to one of the most fascinating animals on the planet, “Witness” evokes not only the essential beauty and greatness of the elephant, but also the passion and dedication it inspires in those determined to bring it back from the brink of extinction. Using a selection of photographic images, Rigby’s talented engraver, Geoffrey Lignon, has set out to capture both the severity of the danger facing nature’s magnificent creation and the strength of the fight to save it from the devastating pressures of human greed and ignorance.

The original drawing took 130 hours to complete.

£ 89.00

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