Rigby Braai Set

A collection of beautifully crafted culinary tools designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience. Hand-forged from Japanese blue paper steel, with a stainless steel cladding carrying the Rigby ‘double R’ logo, each piece in this set—comprising a cleaver, scimitar, boning knife, and fork—boasts resistance to corrosion and exceptional durability. The handles, crafted from English walnut, offer both elegance and practicality when grilling over the fire. With a stepped grind and thinned micro-bevel edge, the knives offer superior cutting performance.

To maintain their integrity, hand wash and dry immediately after use, and store securely on a wooden or magnetic knife rack or in a leather sheath. For sharpening, we recommend Japanese whetstones and occasional stropping to maintain a razor-sharp edge.

For any staining on the blades, a dash of bicarbonate of soda or Bar Keeper’s Friend applied to a damp cloth will effectively remove it, then treat with a food safe oil to protect. Rest assured, we stand behind the sets’ workmanship and quality. Our guarantee covers issues arising from normal usage and adherence to provided care instructions. However, damage resulting from improper or unreasonable use is not covered. Nonetheless, we understand accidents can occur, and we’re committed to assisting you in getting your knife back in top condition whenever possible.

£ 1,800.00

In stock

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