“Focus” Original and fine art prints

Caracal original (1 of 1) and fine art prints (1 of 25)

Immerse yourself in the allure of “Focus,” depicting a caracal wildcat, by Rigby artist and engraver, Geoffrey Lignon. This captivating piece is a testament to Lignon’s unique technique, drawing against a black board with a white gel pen and pencils.

The primal instincts of this stunning creature come to life in the artwork, as the artist strives to convey the caracal’s unpredictable and dangerous nature, which can be triggered by the slightest noise, transforming it into a deadly, perfectly designed predator.

“Focus” is sized at A3 and is available to purchase as an original artwork or limited edition print. Each print features a 1.5 cm white border and a 7 cm bottom border, where it is hand-signed and numbered by the artist, before being stamped with the Rigby logo in relief.

Witness the raw intensity of the caracal’s existence, capturing the essence of its heightened senses and lethal grace, to elevate your space.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

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