“Regal Elegance” Limited edition print

Regal Elegance” is a captivating artwork skilfully crafted by renowned British artist Nicola Jane. This exquisite piece showcases the vibrant beauty of the cock pheasant in all its majesty.

Nicola Jane’s meticulous technique brings the game bird to life with a remarkable level of realism and precision. Using lightfast Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, the artist expertly captures the rich and varied hues of the cock bird’s plumage, creating a stunning interplay of colours and textures that adds depth and dimension. Intricate detailing of the feathers, carefully shaded and highlighted, showcases the artist’s dedication to capturing the true essence of the bird’s complex markings and iridescent sheen.

Measuring 16 x 20 inches, “Regal Elegance” commands attention with a remarkable blend of technical expertise and artistic vision.

Limited to 25 pieces, each copy is rendered on high-quality Saunders Waterford 100% Cotton HP Watercolour paper and comes signed and numbered by the artist before being stamped with the Rigby seal logo. All prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, with the recipient’s name entered into Rigby’s hallowed ledger books.

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