“The price of the reign” Limited edition bronze sculpture

Bronze lion sculpture (1 of 9)

Crafted by Geoffrey Lignon, this large bronze figurine is 78cm high, 60cm wide and 58cm deep, slightly larger than life-size. It has taken Geoffrey 120 hours to complete, meticulously inspecting all the details, scale and angles to ensure they were perfect before casting.

When you look at the sculpture, the intention is to show the true face of Africa, that it’s not all sunsets and pretty views but you need to be strong to survive as behind every tree there is danger. On closer inspection of the lion’s face you will notice that his right eye is injured and his faced is scarred, symbolising that Africa is tough for wildlife and how you must carry on no matter what happens to you.

Geoffrey is delighted with the finished result, saying that “it’s like facing a real lion”. He always sees portraits of lions looking idyllic, but this sculpture shows the harsh reality for the king of beasts.

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