“Power is power” Limited edition fine art print

Rigby artist and engraver, Geoffrey Lignon brilliantly captures the innate majesty of the African lion in this exclusive fine art print. Conveying the lion’s natural aura — a silent confidence in its strength, devoid of ostentation — the piece celebrates the lion’s effortless ability to command attention, even alerting formidable creatures like Cape buffalo and elephants through its presence.

Driven by a deep respect for the wild world, the artist emphasises the primal fear and survival instinct evoked by the lion’s gaze. The artwork seeks to acknowledge our vulnerability in the face of such magnificent and deadly creatures, urging viewers to appreciate and respect their undeniable prowess.

This giclée fine art print is offered in two sizes: 15 copies at A0 and 25 copies at A1. Each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist, then stamped with the Rigby logo in relief. Geoffrey utilises a unique technique, drawing against a black board with a white gel pen and pencils, bringing the lion to life with remarkable precision.

Each print is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, with the buyer’s name being entered into the hallowed Rigby ledger books.

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